Thursday 25 July 2013

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Sex Appeal

Why is Confidence So Important?

One 35-year-old lawyer told me, “A woman who carries herself well is 10 times more attractive to me.” Another 30-something TV Producer shared, “My Mr. Wonderful is really confident in himself and it’s something that I just pick up on.”
- Is SMART and Sexy!
- Lets dates know you like yourself and won’t put up with nonsense
- Means you know there are many singles who are anxious to go out with you – which only makes you more attractive
- Is when you take rejection lightly and not personally
- Allows you to relax and enjoy the dating process
- Makes it clear that you are not desperate – the date killer
- Makes dating fun
- Means you’re happy with yourself, your looks and your life
Here are 10 confidence boosters that can significantly increase your dating numbers, ego and odds of finding your mate:

1. Recognize that you are a Hot Ticket - Start believing that you deserve only the best!

2. Pamper Yourself - Take care of your body with makeovers, nails, new hair, and new styles – ask your friends for tips that will make you feel better about you.

3. Treat Yourself Better - Are you eating, sleeping and exercising enough?
4. Surround Yourself with Positive People - Find friends who are cheerleaders and make you feel good inside.

5. Define Your Own Sexy - Don’t dress to play a part. Dress in what makes you feel sexy.
6. Jump into your Passions - Make time for things that you love to do. You will plant a more natural smile on your face and draw the right dates.

7. Try Something New - Try yoga, horseback riding or take a ski lesson to expand your world!
8. Follow a No Bull Policy - Be decisive and know that you can take it or leave it. If a date doesn’t fit right, just say Next!
9.  Go After Your Dreams - Think outside your home box of possibilities and aim high with your dreams! By going after your passions, you will feel good inside.

10. Create a Dating Plan - The more you date, the more confident you will be. One book fan in Los Angeles told me, “You’ve given me so much more confidence about dating. You got me to practice and now I found a great guy who just gets me.” And let help you with your photos, profile and dating coaching services.
You can do it too. Be brave. Be bold – and remember to let that confidence sex appeal shine online and offline!


  1. Thanks for sharing a really helpful tips to gain confidence

    1. Nothing is easy at at first. Often you have to step out in the great outdoors. I'm glad you find something in this article. Apologies for the delayed response...