Friday 12 July 2013

How to Have Sex When It’s Really, Really, Hot: A Guide

How to Have Sex When It’s Really, Really, Hot: A Guide

nytimes-kiss-fire-escape-vintage-photoWhen it’s hot and sticky out, it’s hard to motivate yourself to move, let alone to move in an aerobic fashion while conjoined with another (equally hot and sticky) human being. According to a survey done by Trojan Condoms, 35% of Americans have actually turned down sex because of the heat, and based on our own survey, many Date Report readers feel the same way. “We basically stop touching each other altogether until the heat breaks,” one reader said.
Sure, air conditioning fixes a lot. But if you ever happen to find yourself wanting to have sex when you’re not in climate-controlled room, read on….

Use Ice. No, Seriously. Use Ice.

Short of emptying your refrigerator and having sex inside of it, playing with ice is the next best way to incorporate cooling factors into your foreplay.
“The slightest sensation of an ice cube/pop dragged across your stomach, thigh, lower back, nipple can cool you down all over.” Suggested one reader. “Plus your partner will get off on the fact that you are ‘chilled out’ and then he/she can join in on the fun, like licking what melts!”
Sticky, but, whatever. It’s a billion degrees out. No time to be fussy.
[Bonus tip from Glamour: Stick your vibrator in the freezer. We'll take their word for it.]

Shower Sex

If there’s ever been an excuse for near-constant shower sex, then hot summer weather is it. Having sex in the shower takes care of both the overheating factor,and the post-coital showering off-factor: two birds in one stone. Afterwards, you can have a beer in the shower, maybe read the paper in the shower, maybe make plans to move into your shower until at least late September…

Choose Your Positions Wisely

“Use positions that don’t require torso-to-torso contact,” suggested one reader. Pretty sure you know how to come up with those on your own, but just in case you’re stuck for inspiration, allow us to direct you to a suggestion from Cosmo, the less-than-sexily-named Linguini position.

Don’t Be Too Afraid of Sweat

Rivulets of sweat dripping down from your partner and onto your face/body/general person might not be an especially appealing prospect, but there’s good reason not to eschew sweat all together.
According to an article on YourTango, “It may sound a little counterintuitive, but sweat releases the body’s natural pheromones. Go with the heat, get out and break a sweat,” he said. “Sweat contains steroid hormones that act like your body’s natural perfume, except it’s your natural scent that has an aphrodisiac effect.”
Just. Breathe in those aphrodisiacs! Soak in them.

Have Sex in the Pool

…but only if you’re okay with not using condoms. And unless you’re in a committed monogamous relationship, you’re using condoms, right? Per Men’s Fitness:
Hot water and chemicals (like chlorine) most likely affect a condom’s durability, so don’t count on the protection. The other problem is the increased chance of the condom slipping off. That is not only nerve-racking but also awkward for everyone involved. It’s a good plan to have some backup condoms at the ready.
So, if you don’t meet the no-condom criteria, best stick to other methods of foreplay while getting it on in the pool. But the appeal is still there: in the pool, not only are you nice and cooled off, you’re also weightless, which allows you to be a little more, shall we say, flexible? And if you’re a go for condom-less pool sex, Cosmo (unsurprisingly) has yet another creative (and creatively named) sex position for you!

Have Sex Outdoors

…which is illegal. But rules are meant to be broken, so long as you’re relatively discreet and there are no children/other people around. It’s easier to be speedy and discreet if you’re already wearing a skirt or dress, or at the very least loose pants/no belts. Be quick. Clean up after yourselves. Or maybe just get yourself a nice, roomy tent.

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