Wednesday 3 July 2013

Simple Ways To Get Your Sexy On

Simple Ways To Get Your Sexy On

While many factors contribute to sexiness, a huge part of being sexy is feeling sexy. As we hustle through our commutes, slog through our workdays and dash into the market for dinner, it’s hard to feel sexy. And let’s face it, when we don’t feel sexy, we don’t exude confidence and attract other confident people.

Here are some simple ways to bring sexy back:

Take a bubble bath

Have a steamy session with the person you love the most. Relax in a bubbly tub with a good book or your favorite tunes and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Work out

Working up a good sweat releases endorphins. All those fabulous feelings translate into a high people can spot right away.


Your smile is your best curve, so show it off. Nothing spreads confidence and allure more than a genuine smile. Take notice of how people react. The way they smile back will make you feel like a superstar.

Get your hair done

What’s better than a fabulous blow out? Treat yourself to a professional styling. You’ll be shocked at how confident you feel when you leave the salon.

Add a little drama to your makeup

Whether it’s a pouty lip, a smoky eye or pretty red toenails, just a little color can add that special something to your look and ultimately, your mood.

Wear that new top

Wearing a new dress or those pants that fit just right can make you feel sexy. Since the game is on everywhere you go, you’ll think twice before running out to the store in those old sweats. Knowing you look good will project confidence to others and make you feel great.

Break out your stilettos

Even if you only wear them for an hour, every once in a while, slip into your favorite high heels. The little lift they give your legs and booty puts a little dip in your hip and a boost to your mood.

Do your favorite thing

Whether you like to sing, dance, paint, bike, hike, arrange flowers, make puzzles, read, write or do yoga, do that thing that makes you feel most like you. It’s when you are your authentic self that you will feel sexiest and be sexiest to others.

How do you get your sexy on?

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