Monday 15 July 2013

10 Things To Get The Best Out Of Online Dating FAST

10 Things To Get The Best Out Of Online Dating FAST

These 10 tips are taken straight from my own experiences and have proven to be an excellent foundation for many hundreds of singles on his Fish2Fish Dating which I started after seeing the various gimmicks and systems that where being sold to the unsuspecting.

Dating is very simple. We can tend to over complicate the process or put too much pressure on ourselves when we embark on our dating adventure. 

Women please be aware of your power and value. Like many things in life "attitude" is everything. So do hold uppermost in your mind (your highness) that you are all Queens of the highest court within the biggest palaces and you deserve a suitable King!

Here is a list of things that will help you to enjoy your dating adventure and to experience and assume the attitude of confident royalty:

1. You only get out what you put in. 
Don't think just signing up to a dating site will get you the King of your dreams. You have to do something. You can only steer something that's moving. Get active.

2. Always put out only positive correspondence. 
See number 1. With everything you write while on the dating site make it positive. Become a "Pollyanna". 

Give only your positive self away to the kingdom and positivity will be returned to you. But don't wait for it come back immediately though. Nature often doesn't work that way. You don't reap what you sow in the same season. Just keep giving. 

Many out there are starved of the food of good news and compliments in their lives. If you feed them they'll serve you well.

3. Enjoy the experience. 
The people doing number 2 on a regular basis, especially on the "Fish2Fish Dating Diary" have the most fun. What you give is what you get. 

4. Out talk your chatterbox. 
Read and listen to some positive input daily or as often as you possibly can because of number 1 and 2 and to make the rest of the tips here easier. 

Your internal chatterbox will on occasion try to talk you out of success when dating. Like many you might hear "what make you think you can find love online? You're not this or that!". This could cause you to quit or maybe rush into an unsuitable relationship with a unbalanced spirit for the wrong reasons. Remember "self worth" comes before "net worth" which is what people see from the outside.

5. Don’t fly on one engine.
Flying on one engine means that you are putting all your eggs in one basket or you are relaying one just person or method of getting a date. Free yourself up to talking to people everywhere offline and online. It will breed excitement and increases your confidence. 

Many times people fish through profiles and centre their efforts on one person with a profile with all the supposed ticks in the right boxes. They may even get through to chat to someone online but after many weeks that's all they have ever done. Remember the name of the game is to go on a date.  Don't fly on just one engine doing that can get you flying round in circles (see also number 8).

6. Don't turn your cards over too slowly. 
Visualize your dating campaign like you hold a deck of cards in front of you. You’re looking for your King of Diamonds (or Hearts if you prefer) in your deck one at a time. Don’t take forever turning your cards over. 

Your King is in there and I believe that you'd want to find them sooner rather than later. Focus on getting to them as swiftly as you can.

This mindset coupled with the previous tips here will help lighten the load on yourself and cancel out the stress and pressure or dating - it really is a dating game.
7. Don't get narrow minded as to what your King looks like
Be open to recognizing a King when you find them. Remember there is no point having a castle if you cannot live in it. Likewise there is no point having a super hunk if you simply aren't compatible or don't get along just because he ticks the tall dark and handsome and work in city boxes! 

Your King may not necessarily look like Brad Pitt, especially if you're not Angelina Jolie!

8. Don't get hung up on people that are Jokers. 
Ignore the Jokers in the pack. Also don't try to change or wait for a plain card to become a King. Turn over another card and move on. 

There is of course a chance you maybe have met a 'Jack' of hearts, and who knows he may become a King later but don't wait, turn the next card as that could be the real King you're looking for.

9. Don't stop living your life. 
Keep busy with your normal life. Using the "deck of cards" analogy should take the pressure off and allow you to have a whole different focus at the same time. Life balance is the key and it will help you not to commit number 5, flying on one engine.

Remember that love can be like a cat, if you start running towards them they'll tend to run away from you. If how ever they see something quietly going on that's interesting and moving then they'll come over and see what's in it for them.

10. Don't moan about the lack of Kings you have found (after turning over only 2 cards in 2 months). Get started at number 1 through to number 10 (and repeat). If you are moaning then you're not doing step number 2 anyway and therefore will need to do number 4 as it will make the everything easier.

But in the end you'll have to "Suck it up sister" and  get going through that deck...

Colin J Robertson is founder of Fish2Fish Dating (UK) and personal development "gangster". Now willingly shares his experience about positive attitudes in everyday life and in online dating based on his own fishing trip in the pool of single ladies and finding his soulmate in just 3 months using the "Deck of Cards" mindset methodology mentioned above and as his unique "PUMA" system.


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