Wednesday 24 July 2013

Understanding Why Men Treat Some Women Like Queens and Others like Whores

Understanding Why Men Treat Some Women Like Queens and Others like Whores

It’s probably a story you’ve heard from your girlfriends before. “My boyfriend/husband will do anything for me. He treats me like a queen.” And you’ve probably heard this from your girlfriends as well: “He treats me like crap. He acts like I’m his whore.”
If you were thinking that these women were exaggerating, we have something to tell you: they’re not. But why is it that some men are willing to go to great lengths to cater to a woman’s every desire, while some can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone? It has nothing to do with the way you look. The truth is, it’s a lot less complicated than you think. And it usually boils down to two main things: the type of woman you are and the type of guy he is. But even a guy who isn’t the most dutiful can worship you with the right attitude.
The Type of Woman You Are, And How You Treat Him
Believe it or not, most of the women who are treated like queens expect – no,demand – to be treated like queens. Sometimes, these are the women you see throwing diva tantrums. Other times, they are simply the women that say they “know what they want.” Some women think that they should be treated like queens – but if you don’t believe it, then neither will the man in your life. You must know you are a queen in order to be treated like one.
But there is also the way that you treat him that will determine whether or not he will treat you like a queen or a ho.
You see, once in a relationship, a man feels that you have to earn his respect. If you do not hold him to higher standards, or expect him to be kind, or considerate, or supportive, then he won’t be. Your expectations set the course for his behavior. If he sees that he can get away with calling you names, bringing you down in front of his friends, not calling, missing dates – then guess what? He will continue to do all of those things. He will start to believe that you do not believe yourself to be worthy of being treated with respect. Instead, he will start to treat you as a disposable girlfriend – and eventually, he will get rid of you.
Make sure that you have standards – if you’re too rigid, this can backfire. But a man will respect you if you respect yourself, and you are honest, and let him know where you stand in the relationship. The second you start to waver, or doubt, he will start to doubt. And then it’s not long before you become the ho.
The Type of Man He Is, And How You Treats You
The truth is ladies, that not all men want to treat a woman like a queen. There are some men where this is simply not a part of their nature, because they never had the home training or any positive role models to follow. If this is the case, there is not much you can do. He will simply treat women a certain way for most of his life.

But there are other men who have had the home training and positive male role models, who will treat women like queens. They enjoy making their woman feel special. They feel it is their duty to make her feel like she is the best catch in the world. It is a part of who they are and what they have grown up seeing, through their fathers, uncles, or even on TV or the movies: they see a woman as something very valuable. Now, you’re probably thinking – where can I find these guys?!?
Trust us, they’re out there. But again, these men want to be with a woman who respects herself, and in turn respects him. Don’t expect from a man what you are not willing or even know how to give yourself. Knowing what you want when you meet him will go even further, much differently from just stumbling upon a relationship.
Understanding and appreciating him will go a long way. If he is buying you flowers, or planning dates, or thinking of fun ways to surprise you – do not take this for granted. He will continue to do these things as long as he feels that you respond positively and with gratitude.
Also, ladies, some men like a dominant woman – some men want their women to act like queens while understanding her very important role in the relationship. Just like the guy that doesn’t want a queen or princess – there are others who demand it.
Things to Keep In Mind
Whether or not you find that guy who is just dying to treat you like a queen, the thing to remember is this – you project the image and treatment you desire. If you act or dress like a ho, you will attract men that will treat you like one. Respect yourself like a queen, and you will find that men will treat you like one.

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