Sunday 28 July 2013

Women have the Power to Help Men Become Better

Women have the Power to Help Men Become Better

Unbeknownst to myself after evaluating a seven year relationship, I realized that a woman can make a man better or make a man worse. Many of the principles that I learned such as sticking it out or finding another way rather than breaking up, all came from examples given by my ex. A young man’s nature is to run from a situation. It is said that women mature faster than men so let’s look at this statement a little more closely: Women mature faster than men. What does it really mean?
A woman completes her natural growth or development faster than a man. A 20 year old woman would indeed be smarter than most 20 year old men. Let’s logically follow this example if a 20 year old woman is more mature than a 20 year old man, then who should better lead by example?
If you’re the woman and you are more intelligent and the man finds you on Facebook dressed half-naked it is you who have led him to the conclusion that he wants to have sex and not truly respect you as a woman. So if the woman understands that she is leading and not following the man, she could indeed change the results desired through her own actions once she grasps what it means to be more mature.
The best way to teach anyone is to lead by example. When women start comparing themselves and their actions to what men are doing, they indeed lower themselves and their vibration to that of a man. If you have the ability to create life, it is obvious when you think about it, that you are vibrating on a higher frequency. You are more sensitive, you are able to hear sounds and feel emotions that perhaps men will never experience. Stop lowering yourselves to think, act and feel like men. Realize the power and energy within yourself. It is you and other women who have power to change the planet.
Women can perhaps live without men but men cannot truly live without women because men do not have the natural ability to procreate. It has been said in ancient times that women have been able to impregnate themselves just like the scarab beetle in Egypt. In women’s desire to become like men, women have lowered themselves and lost their spiritual way instead of leading. It is the norm for women to now follow. This is the opposite of the natural order. You can’t have a man before a woman because a man comes from a woman. The natural order is set but should not be forgotten. It is indeed Michelle Obama that leads Barack Obama to be a better man. You can clearly see and feel that. If she were a weak wife he would not be as good as he is. Michelle makes Barack hot, she is the icing on the cake.

A strong woman does not have to fuss or speak over her man. She does not have to curse or point her finger in his face. She just has to lead by her example. By that example, whether men like it or not, they will respect you. Isn’t this what every woman truly desires? A woman will never achieve respect by doing the opposite.  Gaining respect from a man is doing the opposite of what society has recently shown, of how women currently act when they are mad, frustrated, etc. Those actions on her part are counterproductive to the results she desires as evidenced by the high divorce rate and the many broken families.
Let’s call this exercise in logic a spiritual reset. As we are a spiritual image of the earth, even the earth needs spiritual resetting so that its X and Y axis are in balance. Out of all the relationships I have personally had, the one I respected the most was where the woman led by example. She did not judge me, or the mistakes I made. She continued to focus on what made me better. For example, if I had a problem with my temper, she recognized I had a temper. She would help me calm down by saying everything is going to be all right, or everything is going to be okay, leading by giving me the reassurance.
They are simple words. Simple words from a person you love are much more encouraging to a man than a negative comment. It makes it a lot easier for a man to learn when she is leading instead of looking for something to be wrong. It is always easier to look for something that is wrong, but is it harder to look for something that is right. In today’s world of relationships we need to focus on things that are right and build upon those things, as opposed to building upon things that are wrong that destroy relationships. The reason relationships fail is because our expectations are shaped by movies, television, and ourselves which is no wonder why we get the wrong results. As men we truly feel we can do 99 things right but if we do that 100th thing wrong, then we are doomed.
This lesson works both ways. As men we need to do the same thing. We need to focus more on the things that the person is doing right as opposed to the things a person is doing wrong. With that adjustment in our attitudes we will create more successful relationships as opposed to more broken relationships, as we have enough things that are wrong. No one is perfect. The only perfect realization is a Disney movie.
We have a false sense of reality.  Out of 20 years of relationship experience the one I remember the most and have the most respect for is the woman who led by example. She made me better because she led by example, and was non-judgmental.  If it were not for her awesome example I would never have known the difference between a good and a bad relationship.  I just want to say, “Thank you for showing me that not all women are the same way.”
It is indeed the often forgotten principle of turning the other cheek. When you think back in history, who do you remember the most? It is the human beings that turned the other cheek. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Buddha and all the others not mentioned.

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